There are probably a thousand other things you would rather be doing than searching for an attorney. I understand. 

Jonathan C. Noble
Jonathan C. Noble

We’re in this together. When you require compassionate, pragmatic, trusted, no-nonsense, results-oriented, and knowledgeable legal counsel in your family law matter. My focus is on first getting a complete understanding of your legal situation, and your goals. I then relentlessly, and pragmatically work to obtain the best possible outcome under the law.

My focus is on you. I am extremely sensitive to the fact that since you are taking the time to find a lawyer, that you are not likely in a good situation. I can help guide you through the thicket of options available to you in family law matters. I can guide you through domestic relations laws, child custody laws, alimony and support laws, and the family courts, using a compassionate, no-nonsense approach.
Family law matters can be complicated. No two are exactly alike. I will help you understand the law, and plan the best course of action. You will be informed every step of the way. 

I focus my law practice on family law matters. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for high net worth individuals, as well as those just starting out with assets to protect. Divorces involving complex financial issues. Divorces involving owners of closely held businesses, corporate executives, and owners of professional practices. Divorces and family law matters where mental health issues are present. Contentious and non-contentious child custody matters. Negotiating and drafting detailed agreed custody orders for court approval.

Pets are considered property in PA
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Child and spousal support cases involving a high income parents, or a special needs situation. Child relocation, school choice, interstate travel, and international travel matters involving children. Child custody matters where one or both parties has a criminal history. Grandparents, and great-grandparents custody rights and visitation cases. Protection from abuse cases. Marital settlement agreements. Enforcement of court orders. Post-divorce issues. Family law related appeals. I have even helped clients negotiate agreements regarding household pets.

In the course of litigation or mediation, negotiation is an essential skill. 

Many difficult family law related issues can be resolved without heading to court. Having a strong litigator who is detail-oriented, relentless, and a zealous advocate in your corner, who also holds an MBA degree, and is a trained negotiator, can often create an atmosphere where the other party is more willing to negotiate, mediate, arbitrate, and settle disputes out of court. 

I prefer a practice model where I work closely and personally with a select number of clients. My active family law practice does not close at 5 pm, or on weekends. 

I promptly return phone calls and e-mails. Even on weekends or after hours. If we decide to work together, I handle all legal aspects of your case. Your file is not handed off to a junior attorney or an associate attorney or a paralegal. Simply put, our one-to-one relationship leads to great attorney/client communication. Excellent attorney/client communication is one key factor to getting the best results. 

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I can’t help you if you do not contact me. Please feel free to contact me at jonathancnobleesq at gmail dot com. You may also call or text me at 610 256 4843. Let’s set up an appointment to discuss your family law matter. I handle and consult on family law cases throughout Pennsylvania. I may also be contacted 24/7 through the contact portion of this website below. I look forward to learning about your case, and helping you chart the best course of action.

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